November 12, 2020

Church signs: Many more options than you might think

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While there is a great deal of joy to be had in working with a variety of businesses, there's something special about working with a church to create a comprehensive strategy for church signs.

No client is more invested or engaged in their work than a church — and that rubs off on everyone involved in the project. The signage specialists at Envision Orlando are passionate about their work and we love it when people can match our level of enthusiasm.

That's almost never an issue when your client is a church, which is great because there is a huge variety of signage options that are extremely effective in a church setting.

When you think of church signs, the first thing that might come to mind is an exterior sign with changeable words. Those signs — used to inform or, often, entertain people passing by — definitely have a place, but they are just one of so many signage types in the church sign toolbox.

Wayfinding signs are super critical — especially in and around the large or maze-like buildings churches normally occupy.

Donor plaques allow churches to recognize the benefactors that make so much of their building and their work possible.

Channel letters, acrylic signs and wall graphics/murals are all popular choices for church signs

Social distancing markers and guides also help keep parishioners safe in a pandemic.

Using traditional signage definitions, our most recent work on a church classifies as a lobby sign. But, truly, it's so much more.

It's a two piece installation outlining "The Great Commandment" and "The Great Commission."


It's a lobby sign, it's a statement piece, it's a mission statement.

These church signs are comprised of hundreds of custom cut acrylic letters with a polished gold metal finish. The key, however, to this whole project is the precise, meticulous, professional installation. This project is a success because the sign specialists at Envision Orlando are expert, detail-oriented installers who prioritize precision over speed.

Want to talk more?

Interested in talking church signs — or any other form of signage? Contact Envision Orlando at [email protected], (407) 951-55323 on through this link.

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