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Communicate with your congregation and make a strong impression on your community with high-quality church signs. Your church holds an important position of significance, and your signage should reflect it.

Work with Envision Orlando, one of the top signage teams in the city, for all your signage needs. We create customized signs that deliver long-lasting value and put your best foot forward. With exceptional service at every stage of the project, we ensure you feel supported and in-the-know throughout your entire journey.

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs and find out more about our signage services.

Exploring All Indoor & Outdoor Church Signs

Provide patrons with a tasteful, engaging experience when you invest in high-quality indoor and outdoor signs. Each sign fulfills a unique purpose, which contributes to the overall experience for each member of your congregation; whether you are looking to add one new sign or create an entirely new signage system, our team is ready to design, produce, and install a variety of types.

Browse a variety of our options below to begin narrowing your search:

  • Church Illuminated Signage

Create an upscale ambiance and attract attention with illuminated signs for your church. They are ideal for promoting your institution at all times of the day and making a strong first impression on new patrons. Choose from channel letters, LED neon signs, cabinet signs, and more.

  • Non-Illuminated Signage

Display your church's name and other branding elements prominently on large entrance signs. From dimensional signage to blade signs, you can personalize your ideal sign solution to your exact needs with our team’s help.

  • LED Signage

Elevate promotional efforts and communicate effortlessly with easy-to-use LED signs. LED signs are ideal for generating awareness about upcoming events, volunteer initiatives, and scheduled services. They can be used to update your community about key information or to entice new members to join your mission.

  • Wayfinding Signage

Guide people through parking lots and on your premises with clear wayfinding signs. Create a clear traffic plan, manage seating, and direct traffic effortlessly with a strategic signage strategy. We will assess your property, create a personalized signage system, and identify cost-effective solutions.

  • Monument Signs

Make a mark in your community and communicate with patrons with monument signs. These architectural signs can be designed to complement the design of your church and its surroundings; this allows them to seamlessly and naturally become a part of your property’s landscape. Choose from a range of sign faces, including LED sign boards, metal letters, engraved stone, and more.

  • ADA Signs

Ensure an accessible space for your congregation by complying with the American Disabilities Act. ADA signage allows individuals with disabilities to engage with and navigate your church, which ensures a diverse and inclusive congregation. Our knowledgeable sign experts can recommend the right signs to install and identify how to create an accessible space for all visitors.

Church Signage & Interior Environments: Making Best Use of Your Signs Indoors

Signage is a vital tool for marketing efforts and customer experiences. Interior signs ensure visitors can navigate your premises effortlessly, set the tone for all interactions, and so much more.

Here's how you can use interior signage to benefit your church:

  • Make a strong first impression
  • Foster a strong sense of community
  • Label rooms, such as offices and restrooms
  • Guide visitors around the church
  • Promote upcoming events and volunteer opportunities
  • Elevate collection efforts
  • Enhance safety and security

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Unlocking Guidance and Assistance from Our Orlando-Based Team

Whether you are upgrading existing church signs or installing new signs, our team will guide you every step of the way. From fulfilling the sign’s production to obtaining necessary signage permits, we will handle everything. Unlike other sign companies, we also offer:

  • Logo Creation: Design a tasteful logo to represent your institution.
  • Church Branding: Devise a branding package for your church, which includes selecting logos, colors, fonts, and more.
  • Signage Permitting: Obtaining a permit in Winter Park, FL, for your new sign doesn't have to be a hassle. We assist with paperwork, filing, representation, and more.

Have Faith in Envision Orlando’s Trusted Signage Experts

If you’re looking for impactful, visually appealing church signs, work with our full-service sign company in Orlando. Our talented team of signage specialists fosters a seamless signage experience, from start to finish.

Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs. We’re excited to get started!



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    Rikki McCarthy
    Rikki McCarthy
    Loved working with envision Orlando! If you want it done right the first time I highly recommend them. They were nothing but outstanding the entire process. They took my vision and brought it to life. And they gave me input and ideas that I would have never thought of!
    Justin McCarthy
    Justin McCarthy
    Stephen and Todd at Envision are the definition of professional! Envision handled all of our small business needs from signage to custom vinyl lettering for our product and more. They also helped with logo adjustments which helped our overall image that we were looking for. Every question or request was answered with a "yes, no problem!" and they were extremely flexible and helpful with scheduling while still getting the job done quickly and efficiently. We had spoken to several shops prior to choosing envision and found them to be extremely competitive and affordable. We are very pleased with our choice and would absolutely recommend them!
    Worked with them before so not quite sure what changed in their customer service but I contacted them for a sign and have been out on the back burner for months.Today I asked again and they said they couldn’t do the sign after waiting for so long and them never returning calls. I’m super disappointed in my experience.
    Stephen was amazing to work with and his work was 10/10.
    Amy Ladd Miller
    Amy Ladd Miller
    Todd at Envision was great! He showed up to quote and measure when he said he would, was fantastic through all of the permitting and design process and the final product is perfect! We couldn't be happier with our backlit sign and get compliments all the time. Thank you, Todd!
    ava jennings
    ava jennings
    Mr. Stephen and Mr. Todd are the best in the business! The customer service provided is stellar. They are patient and will help you decide on the sign that embodies what you are specifically looking for. My overall experience is 10 stars and I will continue to be a customer of Envision Orlando! ❤️
    Kathy McHugh
    Kathy McHugh
    Todd and Stephen are consummate professionals who really know their signs! They are great at helping you decide how you want your business to be represented and what will look best, where, and how. I’ve used them twice and my team is super happy with the results.
    Hannah Greer
    Hannah Greer
    These guys are great! Super friendly and patient with getting the design right. Everything turned out awesome. So glad I decided to go with this company.


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