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August 10, 2020

Custom Dance Floor Decals For Weddings, Events

Custom dance floor decals are one of the hottest trends in weddings and large scale events and celebrations.

These Instagram-friendly custom wedding graphics provide an opportunity to add a big, personalized wow factor to any event. These decals can be applied to almost any surface — indoor or outdoor — making them an attractive option for any wedding.

Custom dance floor decals

The most popular use for these decals is on dance floors, but they can be applied to any floor surface in or around your celebration. Whether your wedding dance floor is comprised of tile, concrete, hardwood or even carpet, there are a variety of fully customizable options.

Even better: The

se custom dance floor decals can be removed without damaging the underlying surface.

The floor specialists at Envision Orlando are design experts with a deep understanding of vinyl products and will help find the exact right product for your event. Since every job they do is custom, there are no stock solutions and no corners that can be cut.

Often the success or failure of these decals rests on the proper installation, and the specialists at Envision Orlando will work with you at every step along the way.

Custom dance floor decals

If your wedding is within 100 miles of Orlando, they'll provide on-site installation and removal of the floor graphics. (Don't worry — if you're outside the Central Florida region, Envision Orlando has a network of partners across the country who are ready andeager to help.)

Safety is also an important element in custom wedding decals. It's important to work with experts who won't cut corners on safety — which is why we only use products that the federal government certify as "no-slip" or "no skid."

And at the end of the night they'll ensure that when the decal is removed, none of the underlying floor is harmed and no adhesive remains.

It's this attention to detail that you will desperately want for one of the biggest events of your life.

Contact Envision Orlando now!

Contact the experts in custom dance floor decals at (407) 951-5532 or to get the process and a quote started.

All consultations and estimates are 100% free with an obligation to purchase.

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