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March 22, 2022

Designing a Sign For Your Business: 4 Crucial Tips

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Creating a sign that is capable of attracting customers requires careful planning. Take details like visibility, market, artistic design, and location to make a sign that boosts your business. Outdoor business signs in Orlando by Envision Orlando incorporate all of these elements and more.

Here at Envision Orlando, we make designing a sign for your business quick and easy with our high-quality business signs. We can partner with your company to design, create, and mount business signs that boost your brand and put your business on the map.

1. Choose a Sign Material with High Visibility

At Envision Orlando, we partner with business owners like you to design, create, and install signs that raise awareness and drive traffic. We can create various kinds of custom, high-visibility signs that effectively promote your company. Some common styles of high-profile signs that we provide include:

  • Pylon: Pylon signs mount on tall supports that give them extra height. Visible from long distances, pylon signs work well for highway wayfinding, shopping centers, and much more. We can combine height with custom lettering style and presentation for extra effect.
  • Blade signs: The blade style has a jutting look that is hard to miss. Business buildings of all sizes can benefit from blade signs.
  • Dimensional signs: This sign style uses three-dimensional elements like letters to create a real-world representation of your brand.

2. Know Your Market and Audience

Knowing who your audience and customer base are makes creating effective signs easier. Doing basic demographic research can reap insights that inform the design and placement of your business signs. Some useful demographic metrics include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Income level
  • Family size

To make signs easy to understand, use clarity and brevity to send your message. Business signs need to engage attention quickly, and we can suggest online design elements to achieve this goal.

3. Make Business Signs Eye Catching

When designing a sign for your business that turns heads, you can use artistic contrasts, colors, and lights to engage the eye. For example, using lighted signs for stores that operate in the evening hours creates strong natural contrast with the outside environment.

Using elements like borders or black, white, yellow, and red backgrounds is another good way to make engaging signs.

4. Choose Sign Location Carefully

Where and how you place your business signs affects how many potential customers learn about your services. To get the most out of your signs, choose high-traffic areas where they stand out.

A sign stand in a lobby is a good example of using a high-traffic area to introduce your brand and message. Hallways work along the same lines, and placing signs in them is a winning strategy. We can also decorate your business vehicle fleet with custom logos and signs that advertise your company far and wide.

Designing a sign for your business that creates new customers is easy with your partners at

Envision Orlando. Click here to learn about the importance of business signs, or call us now at 407-951-5532 for a free consultation.

Welcome to Envision Orlando! We are a full-service sign and graphics company in Orlando, FL. We design, print, and fabricate custom signage for businesses. We are your growth partners, and our sign makers are dedicated to helping your business grow.

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