Orlando Fleet Rebranding

Orlando Fleet Rebranding

The use of vehicle wraps for fleet branding in Orlando has been a productive and excellent means of advertisement compared to other conventional advertising forms. Besides vehicle wraps’ ability to impact everyone who comes across it by displaying a bold and positive image of your brand, they are versatile and cost-effective. Fleet branding is an excellent decision as it excels in creating brand recognition.    

Branded fleets can accumulate thousands of impressions daily when vehicles are parked or in transit. Some research proved that wrapped vehicles moving within a major city generates above 50,000visual impression daily and about 30,000 visual impressions daily when traveling in suburban areas.  

However, vehicle rebranding becomes very necessary when your fleets wrap expires, carrying expired promos, and looking ugly. Failure to correct this would leave your potential customers with a bad impression of your business. Sometimes, rebranding could be necessary due to a change in product, new logo, or a corporate merger. Whatever the reason fleet rebranding remains one of the best ways to inform your customers. 

Envision Orlando provides fleet and facilities rebranding services in Orlando. When selecting a product to display your business, we ensure to pick the product with the best quality and durability that can withstand Florida sun. Besides this, other benefit attached to rebranding your fleets includes;   

Re-Introduce Your Brand

In the case of corporate merger or change in product, it’s necessary to inform your existing customers at large, while introducing your services and products to potential customers. Choosing designer wraps for cars and trucks enables you to launch and advertise your brand to a vast audience with speed. 

Cost-effective Advertising

Unlike high-quality paint jobs for fleet, which are very expensive, car wraps in Orlando, FL., are very affordable. More so, vehicle wraps are cheaper compared to billboards and other forms of advertisement and are guaranteed to generate more results for years. Therefore, vehicle rebranding for multiple fleets with outdated wraps is cost saving.    


With an outdated or worn out car wrap, your fleet is exposed to stone chips and minor body abrasion that can damage the car’s paint job. Changing old car wraps by rebranding can help keep vehicles in perfect condition. Additionally, their renewed look and increased appeal attracts can help attract more customers to your brand.    

Professional Image

Through rebranding, you’re handed the opportunity to strengthen your company’s professional image and brand identity. Tired and worn out company car wraps could pose a negative effect on your brand. Waste no time to revamp them with high-quality vehicle wraps with Envision Orlando graphic installation services.

Are you ready to revamp and rebrand your outdated car wraps to uniquely promote your business? Envision Orlando is ready to help! We are an Orlando Fleet rebranding" href="https://envisionorlando.com/fleet-rebranding/">Orlando Fleet rebranding Service specialist. We work differently from others. We professionally remove your old vehicle wraps from the existing vehicles without damaging the vehicle paint job. Also, our customer service is second none.

We ensure your entire deadlines met to get your rebranding done in Orlando and beyond. Contact Envision for a free consultation and quotation: 407-951-5532.

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Orlando Fleet Rebranding Orlando Fleet Rebranding