September 23, 2020

Eye Catching Ideas for Lobby Signs

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Eye Catching Ideas for Lobby SignsIf you think about it, the lobby of your business is like the entryway in your house and it’s all about first impressions. Ensuring your lobby looks sleek and professional is critical to making a statement, and utilizing your lobby signs to add to the overall look can significantly make an impact. There are many different purposes for lobby signs but the main one is to inform and direct visitors. Having high quality signs will not only help with the look and feel, but will also be eye-catching to visitors. We’ve created some ideas to help you choose the most effective lobby signs for your business, from illuminated signage to 3D signs, we have something for everyone. Let’s get creative!

Illuminated and backlit

Light up your business with an illuminated or backlit sign - this design will not disappoint! Major retailers turn to this style for their signage for not only the modern look, but also to increase visibility. Adding this style of sign to your lobby will help elevate your brand and gain immediate attention from a distance. The main goal of lobby signage being to educate and direct, adding lighting to your signs will only help enhance the display.

Brushed metal

If you’re looking for an industrial or rustic look and feel for your signage, brushed metal is the perfect option for you. With our customizable brushed metal signs, we can help you nail the messaging you’re trying to convey. From logos, mission statements, business names, and business information, adding the most effective details to these signs with your goals in mind is what we do best.

Brushed metal can also be cut into different shapes and sizes. If you’re searching for a brushed metal sign that’s in the shape of a triangle, give us a call! With this type of sign there are so many options to fit your needs and the customers’ needs - because remember, lobby signs are created with your employees and customers in mind.


3D lobby signs bring a professional, upscale presence to your business. One of the main items that these signs are used for are logos! Printing out your logo in 3D and adding backlighting will bring in an ambiance like no other sign will. Displaying accolades, directions, or branding with this type of design will send a confident and bold message to everyone that walks in your door. There are many different materials to choose from when it comes to 3D signs, which gives you the flexibility to create your dream lobby experience.

Lobby Signs

At Envision Orlando, we’re in the business of showcasing businesses in the most professional and creative light. When it comes to lobby signage, choosing the right types of signage is important and we want you to walk past your signs and feel confident in your business’ brand image. Whether illuminated and backlit signs, brushed metal signs, or 3D signs is the choice for you, we’re ready to bring our expertise into the project by guiding you through the best practices and decisions when it comes to lobby signs.

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