May 15, 2024

How Monument Signs Can Drive Foot Traffic to Your Business?

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Visibility is one of the critical drivers of a successful business. If your customers aren't aware of your presence, it’s more likely that they will visit your competitors. On the other hand, if you have signs but they make a poor first impression, 68% of people have indicated that they will develop a poor impression of your products or services.

Investing in high-quality and eye-catching signage for your business is a sure way to stay ahead in today's competitive environment. Monument signage is a compelling investment that can raise curb appeal, grab attention, and enhance branding. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the reasons why these signs are so impactful.

What is Monument Signage?

Monument signs are ground-level signs designed to reflect a business' branding and architecture. They are strategically placed at eye level to make them easily noticeable to passersby. Given the visibility of these signs, a high level of customization is key, as they can then be easily designed to the branding and preferences of your business. Whether your goal is to provide directional support or introduce your business boldly, the design crafted can be tailored to your main objectives.

Types of Materials Used to Construct Monument Signs

Monument signage can be constructed from many durable materials, such as aluminum, wood, foam core, concrete, and more. Since each material offers a unique look, you should choose one that best reflects your brand. Each material option offered is long-lasting, weather-resistant, and customizable, which allows your signage to reflect your vision.

How Monument Signage Help Drive Foot Traffic?

Amplify Your Visibility Monument signs are large, imposing signs that are nearly impossible to miss. Given that 85% of your customer base is located near your business, it is important to position this sign near your entrance or facility, easily drawing customers to your front doors.

Whether your audience is driving or walking, your monument signage should be eye-catching; one way to ensure this is by choosing a large-sized sign that has bright colors, bold features, or additional lighting. Grab the attention of your target audience and help reinforce your brand effortlessly with these signs.

Establish Trust and Confidence in Your Customers

The architectural nature of monument signs and the solidity of their construction immediately convey a sense of permanence. People appreciate the thought and investment businesses put into monument signage; the FedEx Office's survey found that well-designed signs not only raise a company's perceived value but also encourage customers to engage with it. Show your customers that your business is here to stay with these long-lasting signs.

Engage People with Digital Signs The large sign face of monument signs allows you to add a digital panel. This is great for displaying videos, animations, scrolling text, and changing messages. By showing the right messages on your digital signs, you will be able to make people stop and take notice of your sign. Also, digital signs can also raise a business's revenue by as much as 29.5%.

Raise Curb Appeal

A unique benefit of monument signs is that they can help raise your business's curb appeal. In addition to your sign's appearance, alternative design choices for your monument signage include foliage, flower beds, and architectural decor. Combined, these elements help the sign stand out and complement its surroundings.

You can further enhance your exterior decor by incorporating internal and external lighting, vibrant colors, and 3D lettering.

Drive Real Business Impact with Commercial Outdoor Signs

When businesses want to install attractive commercial outdoor signs that deliver real business value, they turn to us at Envision Orlando. We design, build, and install custom monument signs that help your business make a mark in the community. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with a signage expert today

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