July 21, 2020

Political Signs Need To Rise Above The Noise

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We're less than a month away from Florida's primary — and about 100 days away from November's general election — and already political signs are sprouting all around the state.

While yard signs rightfully form the defining foundation on which to build a signage strategy for a campaign, it shouldn't be the only sign in a political campaign's signage portfolio.

The truth is, on some street corners, the overpopulation of campaign signs can commit of form of visual assault on your eyes. It can be a bit much to take in.

It's important your candidate or issue rises above the visual noise. That's where Envision Orlando can come in.

We have a lot of non-yard sign tricks up our sleeves. Here are just a few of them — most of which you can see around Central Florida right now:

  • A massive 4' x 8' candidate sign (more than 10 times larger than a traditional political yard sigh). We can do these on corrugated plastic or, even, an aluminum composite.
  • Banners, banners, banners. This is a great option, if only because it can be hung at eye level and not ground level. (Can be strung from almost any building and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.)
  • Magnets for vehicles
  • Roll-up, trade-show style banners
  • Partial wraps/decals for vehicles
  • Premium vinyl stickers
  • We can find a custom solution for your candidate or issue, so don't hesitate to contact us. Multiple political campaigns are already entrusting us with their signage, who's next?

If you’re interested in exploring political signs or other election marketing, contact us at [email protected], (407) 951-5532 or fill out this form. We’d love to work with you!

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