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January 21, 2022

5 Outdoor Signage Trends to Take Advantage of for Your Business This 2022

Outdoor signage can help to expand your client base and drive foot traffic to your business. From classic roadside billboards and commercial storefront installations to modern thru-glass digital touchscreens, strategically placed outdoor signage remains a marketing cornerstone for a variety of industries.

Envision Orlando is Orlando's reliable outdoor sign company. We are locally owned and operated by a team of award-winning designers. Envision Orlando designs, fabricates, and installs outdoor signage for businesses in Central Florida that deliver measurable results. 

Read on to learn more about the latest signage trends to look for in 2022.

#1 Social and Eco-Consciousness

Social media continues to increase awareness of environmental and social injustice. In response, companies have begun to initiate campaigns that support various causes, offering discounts or pledging to donate a percentage of their profits.  

At the suggestion of signage designers, businesses are replacing their illuminated signs with LED and solar-powered signage. LED signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use; they are eco-friendlier and more cost-efficient than their illuminated predecessors. 

#2 Minimalism

More and more businesses are recognizing the need for a calmer, simpler way of connecting with their customers. Cluttered screens and signs don’t add to the customer experience. This move toward simplicity applies to signage as companies strive to create eye-catching, unforgettable signage using a clean, minimalistic approach. 

#3 Nostalgia

Retro design and color schemes have become ubiquitous in popular culture, from clothing to interior design — and signage. A fondness for nostalgia will carry over into signage design in 2022, but with a modern, eco-friendly twist. Energy-efficient LED neon signs have replaced the old-timey neon signs of days gone by.   

#4 Environmental Branding

In the past, companies projected their brand identity through specific visual elements like fonts, logos, colors, stationery, mascots, and taglines. 2022 promises to expand the consumers' connection with the brand through environmental branding. 

Environmental branding applies architecture, interior design, graphic design and signage, and sensory elements to a physical space. The idea is to apply your branding throughout your business or office to connect your clients or customers more deeply to your brand. 

#5 Digital Signage

Digital signage market trends for 2022 show an emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), also known as “smart screens,” and cloud-based dynamic signage. 

Artificial Intelligence — Facial Recognition

Examples of AI signage include interactive sensors that engage the users or voice-activated digital displays. Also known as “smart signs,” these intuitive, interactive screens continue to improve and evolve. AI signage is a lasting trend still in its infancy. 

Cloud-based Digital Signage

Businesses have used cloud-based storage for organization and file sharing for over a decade. Digital signage software on a cloud-based platform enables companies to remotely manage and modify their signage.

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Signage trends are dynamic in the ever-changing world of marketing and digital advertising. Learn where you can put your business signs to boost foot traffic and increase brand awareness. Call the experts at Envision Orlando today at (407) 951-5532 to set up a consultation.

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