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June 11, 2020

Sneeze Guards Are Critical Retail Signage While Mid-Pandemic

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Sneeze guards — clear acrylic or polycarbonate barriers — are near must-have items for retail shops trying to stay open and safe mid-pandemic.

You're most likely to encounter sneeze guards (sometimes referred to as splash guards) at grocery stores, banks and large retail operations, but given the variety of use cases, not all sneeze guards are the same.

Most often, you'll encounter three different installations of sneeze guards:

  • Countertop stands that go right on top of existing countertops
  • Wall-hanging sheets suspended from the ceiling, often using chains
  • Pop-up stands providing more complete head-to-toe protection.

Most countertop or wall-hanging sneeze guards have a pass-through slot near the bottom of the sheet that allows customers and employees exchange items, usually cash or credit cards at point of purchase. Don't let your business ignore the pass-through slot and end up negating all your social distancing efforts.

Made most often from clear acrylic or polycarbonate, these barriers can allow for branding, customer instructions or social distancing reminders to be printed directly on them. Often it's this little touch that helps make the barriers feel like a more cohesive part of the retail environment.

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