February 19, 2021

What Is A Pylon Sign? An Explainer.

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There are a lot of different signs you can use to advertise your business. From monument signs to storefront, there is no shortage of getting your business to the eyeballs of potential customers! But each type of sign has certain attributes that might make them better suited from different locations and at larger distances. Pylon signs are just one of those signs, but what is a pylon sign? This blog will clarify all of your questions.

Exactly What Is a Pylon Sign?

You’ve passed a pylon sign in your life. They stand mightily in front of almost every shopping center in Florida listing all the possible outlets and stores that inhabit its space. You’ve seen them while driving on I-4, towering above the trees and the edge of the highway, telling you there is a fast-food restaurant there or gas.

The sheer height of a pylon sign is its defining feature. Pylons are freestanding structures supported by poles that have a single sign perched on top or multiple signs within its body. Pylon signs can be unlit, illuminated, double-sided, or single-sided.

Why choose a pylon sign?

Pylons catch the eyes of travelers, to signal to those in the distance that your business is just a little further. They greatly increase your visibility and makes it clear your business is in the vicinity. By opting into a pylon sign, you are trying to get your business noticed amidst all the noise and static.

Types Of Pylon Signs

As with any sign, there are several types of pylons that you can get for your business. Consider what type of visibility you want your sign to have, the aesthetics that best match your business, along additional factors when deciding on the type of pylon that is best for you.

  • Single Pole-mounted pylon Sign
  • Two Pole-mounted pylon sign
  • LED pylon Sign
  • Custom lightbox pylon sign

You can get pylon signage created and customized with nearly endless options. The shape, color, size, and style of the sign are completely customizable in-house at Envision Orlando. We will bring your vision to life with expertise and professionalism. Beyond creating the sign, every step of the process is handled by us, so installation is done. We make sure to educate you on the local sign ordinances as well to ensure compliance with your sign.

Envision Orlando

As a local sign business and approved vendor of Orange County Public Schools, Orange County, the City of Orlando, and the City of Winter Park (among others), we’re nimble enough to turn on a dime and deliver best-in-class products in rapid order. With Envision Orlando already registered as a vendor for most government agencies, this means we can act at a moment’s notice.

Some of the signs we are experts in:

We offer free consultations, quotes, and designs on school signs to any public school, private school, or district in the state of Florida. Contact the sign specialists at Envision Orlando now at [email protected] or (407) 951-5532

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