Where Can I Put Outdoor Business Signs: Strategies and Legal Locations

Where Can I Put Outdoor Business Signs: Strategies and Legal Locations

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    If you’ve recently started a business, your next step is probably advertising to as many new customers as possible. If you’re wondering, “where can I put business signs?” to drum up business, keep reading! 

    Signage placement is key to effective outdoor advertising and greatly increases your client acquisition. Outdoor business signs also direct foot traffic to your business by letting people know where you are.

    Envision Orlando designs custom signage to dazzle your customers and installs your outdoor signs in Orlando, Florida, in the most desirable locations.

    Where You Should Place Your Signs

    Some of the best places to put your signs are where the most passersby will see them, such as along the highway, above your building or in the parking lot, or directly in front of your business.

    Along the Highway

    Most highways feature several billboards advertising businesses and informing travelers of which exit to find them.

    Above Your Building

    Place a large sign above or outside your business building to attract passersby. If your business is on a busy street, this is a great way to let passing drivers and pedestrians know where you are.

    In Front of Your Storefront

    It is often helpful to place a smaller business sign on the street or sidewalk directly in front of your business. “Blade” signs positioned perpendicular to your storefront will attract passing customers who may not have otherwise discovered your service. 

    Why Outdoor Signs Are Important

    Outdoor signs are an easy and evergreen form of advertising. The more people see your signs, the more foot traffic and business you receive.

    There are constantly multiple stimuli competing for our attention, and we choose what’s most interesting to us. Your signs should be eye-grabbing with bright colors and provocative messaging. The signs should make people turn their heads in your direction.

    This is why the placement of your signage is so important. People need to see your sign before you can catch their attention.

    How to Make Your Signs Stand Out

    Your branding and sign design are just as crucial as your placement—people ignore signs that don’t catch their eye. A good marketing strategy presents a stylish, unique, and consistent image with clear text.

    Bigger is Better

    Your city’s municipal guidelines may restrict the size of your signs, but you want to place the biggest sign you can.

    Illuminate Your Sign

    Bright or flashing lights instantly draw the eye, so spruce up your sign with blinking or colorful lights. 

    Make Sure Your Sign is Readable

    Most importantly, your outdoor business signs should be readable from a distance. People ignore signs that are too cluttered or hard to read. We recommend making each letter at least one inch tall for every 25 feet of distance from the viewer.

    Have Your Business Signs Professionally Designed

    Envision Orlando will customize your business signs for your unique needs. Click here to learn more about their post and panel signs. Call (407)-951-5532 to order professionally designed business signs in Orlando, FL.