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    Acrylic signs: Uses, advantages and where to buy

    Typically manufactured from tough-cast polymer, acrylic is a perfect canvas for custom signage your Orlando, Winter Park or Florida business.

    Acrylic signs use a polymer that’s colorless, transparent and totally customizable. Although it is typically made with UV ink printed right onto the material, it can also be used with vinyl lettering or print films, like opaque and clear window decals.

    Uses for custom acrylic signs

    Acrylic Signs Smile OasisLike all of our signage, custom acrylic signs can be modified any way you like for use in almost any setting. However, the properties of acrylic signs do provide some distinct advantages for certain uses.

    Since polymer is colorless and transparent, it’s a great substitute for traditional glass. It’s also cheaper, lighter, and more durable.

    Because of its depth, clarity and sharp aesthetic, acrylic signs are often used by businesses as lobby, directional or architectural signage.

    Types of acrylic signs

    At Envision Orlando, we offer a wide selection of acrylic signs, including:

    • Acrylic door signs
    • Acrylic lobby signs
    • Acrylic architectural signs
    • Acrylic directional signs
    • Acrylic office signs
    • Acrylic letters

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