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October 9, 2020

Blade Signs: What they are and best use cases

What  are blade signs?

“Blade” is a common term in the signage industry. It refers to any sign that projects out from the building, perpendicular to the flow of pedestrian or street traffic, whether hanging from brackets or attached directly to the building.

An effective blade sign literally makes your business “stand out.” Studies have shown they can attract up to 70 percent more views than a traditional wall sign. That's an incredible return on investment!

They are among the most effective ways to raise visibility and attract foot traffic to your business. They offer a lot of room for creativity, offering an opportunity to make a visual statement about the nature of your business brand identity.

Blade signs date the the 14th century. In 1930s America, their scale and engineering ambition took off, with the introduction of lighted features and new design materials that turned these nameplates into attractions of their own. The blade sign on Winter Park’s Pottery Barn location dates to this era, when the building housed a movie theatre.

Blade signs are popular in downtown Orlando, Ivanhoe Village, and on Park Avenue in Winter Park, all places featuring high-volume foot and street traffic. They typically are double sided, and fabricated with aluminum, wood, acrylics or composite materials.

Envision Orlando offers three basic types of blade signs: non-illuminated; internally illuminated; and externally illuminated.

Non-illuminated blade signs are bracket mounted signs and can be designed to any height and width in accordance to city and county codes. There are millions of design combinations you can use for designing an amazing blade sign. Envision Orlando offers high quality blade sign materials and bracket solutions that distinctive and engineered to withstand the elements.

Internally illuminated: These utilize LED lights, which add beauty and heighten visibility, and can save 30 percent on energy costs. LEDs are recyclable and more environmentally friendly than fluorescent bulbs, which may contain mercury.

Externally illuminated: Exposed neon offers cool, attention-grabbing appeal. The neon components are housed in an aluminum frame. Neon blade signs are eye-catching, timeless, and unique.

There are literally millions of combinations you can use to create an amazing blade sign (see some great ones here).

Envision Orlando offers expertise in custom design, fabrication, and installation of commercial signs and LED displays. We use high quality materials and lighting components to ensure a long-lasting, vibrant display showpiece for your business.

Let us help you today — fill out this contact form, e-mail or call us at (407) 951-5532 for immediate assistance.

A look at some Orlando-area blade signs

Custom blade sign of Luma made by Envision Orlando

Pristine hanging blade sign installed by Envision Orlando

Colony blade sign

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