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Channel Letters – Illuminated and 3D Sign Fabrication Company Orlando

Channel letters are one of the most widely used signs in Orlando, FL. A FedEx study on signage found that 8 out of 10 customers entered a store or business for the first time just because of its sign. Signage plays a crucial role in driving more traffic to your business. They aren’t just there for your business to get noticed; they’re also there to draw customers into your space.

At Envision Orlando, we offer a wide range of sign options that make your business stand out. Here, we’ll talk about one of the most chosen signs among Orlando business owners: channel 3D letters.

Channel Letter Fabrication

Channel letters are plastic or metal lettering used in commercial signs, and are among the most popular sign types in Orlando, Florida. These signs are made with an aluminum backing and returns (or sides), and an acrylic front face. When pieced together, this forms a three-dimensional sign.

Channel letter signs may be lit or unlit, though unlit channel letter signs are sometimes referred to as dimensional lettering. These signs come in three main types:

  1. Front-Lit Channel Letters
  2. Back-lit Channel Letters
  3. Front-Lit/Reverse Letters

Channel letters can be seen throughout Central Florida where they generate thousands of impressions daily for small businesses and national corporations alike. (Starbucks and Domino’s Pizza, for example, are heavy users of channel letters.)

If you’re looking for high-quality dimensional letters, Envision Orlando can help. We can customize signs to match your brand, from font style to colors and theme. We only use premium materials to create signs that are durable and long-lasting. Learn more about channel letters by giving us a call today.

Uses of Mounted Channel Letters

There are many uses of mounted channel letters and they are a superior choice for a variety of different signs, but they’re most popular in large exterior signage at Orlando businesses.

Custom channel letter signs build your brand, engage local audiences (day or night), and serve as a valuable landmark to help visitors identify your business. They are rarely used for temporary messages or promotions, instead of functioning as permanent keystone signage for businesses.

These signs are one of the most popularly used on business storefronts. They effectively give your business a name and establish your identity. Because they are often illuminated, storefront channel letters give you plenty of visibility.

The materials used to create channel letters make them ideal for outdoor use. They can be added to pylon signs or monument signs and make them stand out. The way you can customize these lighted letters make them perfect for boosting brand awareness.

Channel letters also have fantastic uses indoors. They make for an attractive lobby sign or wall feature. Customers are sure to be impressed with these backlit and illuminated signs.

Type of Channel letter

Envision Orlando can manufacture and install a wide range of channel letter signs, including:

  • Backlit channel letter signs
  • LED channel letter signs
  • Exposed neon channel letter signs
  • Plastic former channel letter signs
  • Unlit channel letter signs
  • Storefront channel letters

Our team provides full support every step of the way — from creative ideation to final installation and permit acquisition.

Why Orlando Business Owners Choose Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are widely used for a reason. They can benefit any business in more ways than one. Here are some examples:

  1. Increased Visibility. Humans are naturally attracted to light. Whether day or night, these lighted signs are sure to catch someone’s eye. The more visible your business is, the easier it is to stand out from the competition.
  1. Improved Brand Awareness. The visibility that these halo-lit letters give is perfect for increasing brand awareness and recall. Constantly seeing your brand improves the chances of customers remembering your business.
  1. Increased Sales and Profit. Channel letters are an effective way to drive more traffic to your business. More customers visiting your store or office means more opportunities to make a sale.
  1. Better Business Image. Studies also show that customers believe that the quality of your signs reflects the quality of your products or services. Impressive signage assures customers that they can trust your brand.
  1. Cost-Effective Advertising. Channel letters can be a significant investment at first. However, the rewards you receive from these signs eventually pay for themselves. Additionally, aluminum letters are durable and long-lasting. This means you get to enjoy the gains for years to come.

Get a free channel letters consultation

If you’re looking for channel letters near you in Orlando, Winter Park, College Park, Maitland, Kissimmee, or anywhere in Florida, email [email protected] or fill out this contact form to book your free quote and consultation with a member of our team. All quotes are 100 per cent free — we just want to show you all the possibilities that are out there for channel letters. Find out why Orlando-area businesses trust our team to design, install, and maintain their channel letters.


What is a channel letter sign?
The defining feature of channel letter signs is that each letter and/or symbol is built and installed individually. Channel letters also incorporate attractive lighting effects, making them one of the most eye-catching sign solutions. They are commonly used for exterior signage, such as storefront signs, but they can be used indoors, too, for lobby signs.
What is a reverse channel letter sign?
A reverse channel letter sign, also known as halo-lit channel letter, has lights installed behind the letters, which reflect off the mounting surface. This creates a stunning halo effect, drawing attention easily. These signs are the perfect way to elevate your business’s presence and capture the attention of your target audience.
How much do channel letters cost?
The cost of a small indoor channel letter sign starts around $1,000, while large outdoor signs can cost over $10,000. The required investment depends on the sign's size, style, materials used, lighting, installation, and more. Our team can help you identify how to keep your sign within budget while maximizing impact.
What material is used to make channel signs?
Channel letter signs are often made from durable materials such as aluminum and acrylic. They are strong enough to withstand the elements, offer a premium finish, and allow a wide range of customization. While material choice does affect the lifespan of your sign, so does the quality of its construction.
Types of channel letter signs?
There are a few different types of channel letter signs. The primary difference between them is the lighting configuration:
· Standard front-lit
· Reverse or halo-lit
· Open face
· Front and backlit signs
Each offers a unique look, so take your time to find the right option. Our team is happy to walk you through your choices.
What is the difference between Raceway and Wireway?
A raceway sign is one that encloses both the wiring and electrical components for the sign in a rectangular mount. A wireway is slimmer and only used for housing the wiring, giving it a cleaner look. Since the wiring and electrical components are separate in a wireway, it can make installation slightly more complex.
How long do channel letter signs last?
Channel letter signs can last 10+ years easily with minor maintenance. However, the lifespan of this sign will depend on where it’s installed, the wear and tear experienced, and the servicing received. Regular checks and occasional touch-ups can keep signs looking vibrant for years! We use LED lighting, which lasts approximately 30 times longer than traditional bulbs.
Will illuminated channel letters last outside?
Absolutely! Illuminated channel letters are designed for all types of weather and climate conditions. We build our signs to deliver years of hassle-free performance, ensuring an effortless signage experience for you. Our team uses high-quality materials, modern construction techniques, and performs extensive QA to ensure the sign works flawlessly.
What is your turnaround time?
Our turnaround time for channel letter signs is generally between four to six weeks, though it will vary slightly based on the size and complexity of your design. Note, lead times from raw material suppliers can impact the turnaround time for the sign. To find out how long your sign will take, talk to our team.


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    Rikki McCarthy
    Rikki McCarthy
    Loved working with envision Orlando! If you want it done right the first time I highly recommend them. They were nothing but outstanding the entire process. They took my vision and brought it to life. And they gave me input and ideas that I would have never thought of!
    Justin McCarthy
    Justin McCarthy
    Stephen and Todd at Envision are the definition of professional! Envision handled all of our small business needs from signage to custom vinyl lettering for our product and more. They also helped with logo adjustments which helped our overall image that we were looking for. Every question or request was answered with a "yes, no problem!" and they were extremely flexible and helpful with scheduling while still getting the job done quickly and efficiently. We had spoken to several shops prior to choosing envision and found them to be extremely competitive and affordable. We are very pleased with our choice and would absolutely recommend them!
    Worked with them before so not quite sure what changed in their customer service but I contacted them for a sign and have been out on the back burner for months.Today I asked again and they said they couldn’t do the sign after waiting for so long and them never returning calls. I’m super disappointed in my experience.
    Stephen was amazing to work with and his work was 10/10.
    Amy Ladd Miller
    Amy Ladd Miller
    Todd at Envision was great! He showed up to quote and measure when he said he would, was fantastic through all of the permitting and design process and the final product is perfect! We couldn't be happier with our backlit sign and get compliments all the time. Thank you, Todd!
    ava jennings
    ava jennings
    Mr. Stephen and Mr. Todd are the best in the business! The customer service provided is stellar. They are patient and will help you decide on the sign that embodies what you are specifically looking for. My overall experience is 10 stars and I will continue to be a customer of Envision Orlando! ❤️
    Kathy McHugh
    Kathy McHugh
    Todd and Stephen are consummate professionals who really know their signs! They are great at helping you decide how you want your business to be represented and what will look best, where, and how. I’ve used them twice and my team is super happy with the results.
    Hannah Greer
    Hannah Greer
    These guys are great! Super friendly and patient with getting the design right. Everything turned out awesome. So glad I decided to go with this company.


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