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What Is a Pylon Sign and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Imposing, eye-catching, and versatile—pylon signs are some of the most powerful signage you can get for your business. Pylon signs consist of a large vertical sign face mounted on tall supporting legs. Pylons can be used to showcase just one business or as a directory sign to list several company names.

They are ideal as entrance signs, and often installed at entrances to commercial complexes. At Envision Orlando, our customers use pylons to great effect, including for:

  1. Unlocking new revenue streams by advertising with custom post and pylon signs.
  2. Towering over obstructions, such as buildings and trees.
  3. Reaching out to customers far and wide.
  4. Advertising to fast-moving traffic, such as cars and trucks.
  5. Promoting ongoing sales, discounts, and new products.
  6. Displaying live information, such as gas prices and moving images.

Not sure how you can use your pylon signs? Speak to one of our signage experts to get ideas that will help you raise brand awareness and generate business.

Outdoor Pylon Signs: Select the Best Option for You.

Pylon signs are freestanding sign structures supported by poles. Businesses in Orlando, Winter Park, and across Florida use a variety of pylon signs including illuminated, unlit, single-sided, or double-sided.

Benefits of pylon signs for businesses

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor pylon signs is height. Pylon signs elevate your message, making it easy to spot, even at long distances. If you’re running your business out of a single-floor building, pylon signs are a great way to increase your visibility and generate more impressions.

Tall outdoor pylon signs also serve as fantastic landmarks for wayfinding.

Nighttime visibility is another major benefit. Outdoor pylon signs can be illuminated internally or via spotlights positioned on the ground.

Types of Pole and Pylon Signs

  • LED pylon signs
  • Single pole-mounted pylon signs
  • Two pole-mounted pylon signs
  • Covered outdoor pole pylon signs
  • Custom lightbox pylon signs

Pole and pylon signs are 100 percent customizable. Choose any shape, size, color, and style and the in-house creative team at Envision Orlando will bring your pylon sign design vision to life.

Additionally, as part of our commitment to a smooth and easy customer experience, we provide full support with installation and can help you understand local sign ordinances to keep your pylon sign project compliant.

Pylon Sign vs. Monument Sign: Is There a Difference?

The defining features of pylon signs are their large size and height. Pylons are typically 20 feet and taller, with large sign faces.

Monument signs, on the other hand, are mounted on the ground or on short supports, often no more than 10 feet tall. Monument signs also use an architectural design and are made of marble, stone, and cement.

Post and Panel Signs: Affordable, Accessible Signs for Most Businesses

If you don’t have the space or need for a large pylon sign on your property, then post and panels are an affordable alternative that can be installed almost anywhere. Ranging from 4 to 8 feet tall, these signs don’t need special support and can be installed in confined spaces, too.

Guide traffic, showcase your brand, and maximize advertising opportunities with our signs at Envision Orlando. We use high-quality materials and modern manufacturing for high-quality signs that perform flawlessly for years. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.

We Design, Create, and Install Pylon Signs for Your Business in Orlando

Big signs don’t have to mean big headaches. Enjoy a seamless signage experience with a team that designs, builds, and installs signs. Here’s how we make installing pylon signs in Orlando as easy as 1-2-3 for businesses like yours:

  1. Talk to us. Book a free consultation and tell us about your needs, your property, and find cost-effective signage options. Receive an accurate estimate for your project and advice on city permits, installation requirements, and more.
  2. Create stunning designs. Choose from the widest range of options in Orlando, work with a creative team, and bring your dream signs to life. We share digital mock-ups so you can see what the sign will look like before you finalize it.
  3. Take your business to the next level. Sit back and relax as an experienced team prepares and installs your signs.

With us, you can maximize value and minimize cost of ownership. Take advantage of strong after-sales support from a team that provides routine maintenance, repairs, and more.

Get Consultation on Custom Pole & Pylons Signs

Businesses throughout Orlando, Winter Park, College Park, Maitland, Kissimmee, and the surrounding areas trust Envision Orlando with all their signage needs. Email [email protected] or fill out this contact form to book your free quote and consultation with a team member. All quotes are 100 percent free.


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    ava jennings
    ava jennings
    Mr. Stephen and Mr. Todd are the best in the business! The customer service provided is stellar. They are patient and will help you decide on the sign that embodies what you are specifically looking for. My overall experience is 10 stars and I will continue to be a customer of Envision Orlando! ❤️
    Kathy McHugh
    Kathy McHugh
    Todd and Stephen are consummate professionals who really know their signs! They are great at helping you decide how you want your business to be represented and what will look best, where, and how. I’ve used them twice and my team is super happy with the results.
    Hannah Greer
    Hannah Greer
    These guys are great! Super friendly and patient with getting the design right. Everything turned out awesome. So glad I decided to go with this company.
    Kathy Brown
    Kathy Brown
    Envision Orlando provided exceptional customer service and delivered amazing quality signage on time and within budget. They approached the project as a true partner. I will definitely hire them again. If you need environmental branding of any kind- they are the best!
    Elementum Jiu-Jitsu
    Elementum Jiu-Jitsu
    Responsive and super professionals. I will definitely work with them again. Thank you!
    Andrew Lawniczak
    Andrew Lawniczak
    I wrap vehicles for a living. Stephen at Envision Orlando has been my printed vinyl supplier since the beginning, two years ago. He consistently goes above and beyond to correct any problems that might arise and works very hard to meet any deadlines I might have. I really appreciate all he does!!
    Yasmine Habibi
    Yasmine Habibi
    Stephen is the best. He will get the job done even faster than you need. Thank you.
    Stephen, the owner of Envision Orlando, is such a delight, so professional, and provided beautiful new signage for our windows. They do all types of signage! If you can imagine it, they will create it. Top notch service. Thank you!


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