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    Pylon signs: Best types, FAQ, where to buy

    Pylon signs are freestanding sign structures supported by poles. Businesses in Orlando, Winter Park, and across Florida use a variety of pylon signs including illuminated, unlit, single-sided or double-sided.

    Benefits of pylon signs for businesses

    One of the biggest benefits of outdoor pylon signs is height. Pylon signs elevate your message, making it easy to spot, even at long distances. If you’re running your business out of a single-floor building, pylon signs are a great way to increase your visibility and generate more impressions.

    Tall outdoor pylon signs also serve as fantastic landmarks for wayfinding.

    Nighttime visibility is another major benefit. Outdoor pylon signs can be illuminated internally or via spotlights positioned on the ground.

    Pylon sign types

    • LED pylon signs
    • Single pole-mounted pylon signs
    • Two pole-mounted pylon signs
    • Covered outdoor pole pylon signs
    • Custom lightbox pylon signs

    Pylon signs are 100 percent customizable. Choose any shape, size, color, and style and the in-house creative team at Envision Orlando will bring your pylon sign design vision to life.

    Additionally, as part of our commitment to smooth and easy customer experience, we provide full support with installation and can help you understand local sign ordinances to keep your pylon sign project compliant.

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