Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

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    Envision Orlando is your one-stop-shop for custom vehicle wraps and signs for your business. Envision Orlando specializes in customizable signage for a variety of industries, from small businesses to large firms. 

    A wrap is a vinyl graphic applied directly to a vehicle. Wraps are customizable and popular with businesses in Orlando, Winter Park, and all of Florida.

    Types of Vehicle Wraps


    Here are some of the types of vehicle wraps that Envision Orlando can custom-make for your business:

    Car, Truck and Van Wraps

    With a car, truck and van vinyl wrap you can alter the look of your vehicle. This is one of the major selling points for these types of signs. This makes these vinyl wraps the perfect solution for rebranding on a budget, whether you’re altering the look of your logo or updating seasonal promotions. 

    Fleet Rebranding

    Much like what was mentioned above, vinyl vehicle wraps make it easy to rebrand a fleet on a budget swiftly. You can easily make-up your fleet to ensure brand cohesion, which is essential when it comes to your business’s marketing strategy. 

    Golf Cart Wraps

    You can easily alter the look of a golf cart with your unique brand with vinyl wraps if you are sponsoring a PGA event, or just want your golf cart to showcase your business for that golf, business outing you have with a potential client. 

    Government Vehicle Wraps

    Government vehicle wraps are vinyl wraps applied to federal or municipal government vehicles to alter the appearance of the vehicles. For example, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when pink patrol cars roll through Orlando, car wraps make this possible.

    The Benefits of Vehicle Wraps and Other Signage 

    Any form of signage, whether it’s on a wall or a vehicle, is a part of a business’s marketing strategy and plan to help grow brand awareness and customer acquisition. Whether you use vehicle wraps, other signage like promotional signage, wall signs, wall graphics, and wall murals, signs draw attention to your company, helping drive more brand awareness and, ideally, sales. 

    Recent research has confirmed the necessity of signs for businesses. About 8 out of 10 American consumers have talked to someone else about a particular business as a reaction to a business’s sign; this is what you want as a business owner. You want people to be talking about your signs and your business. This is why using vehicle wraps and other signage can help you better establish your business and get people talking about you. 

    Why Choose Envision Orlando?

    Our goal is to provide custom, best-in-class signs and visual solutions for business. Envision Orlando is here to help business owners find creative solutions that make their company stand out. As a local sign company in Orlando, Florida, we pride ourselves on creating a smooth and enjoyable customer experience from beginning to end. 

    In addition to our wide selection of vehicle wraps, you can customize your signage to match your brand and to cast a wider net for customers. 

    Get a Free Consultation 

    Now that you know about vehicle wraps and what we can offer your business, it’s time to reach out to us so we can transform your business with our custom signage. The first step is to contact a member of our team to set up a brief consultation. We’ll provide customized recommendations based on your unique needs, goals and preferences.

    Envision Orlando proudly serves the needs of businesses throughout Orlando, Winter Park, College Park, Maitland, Kissimmee and the surrounding areas. Be sure to email us at [email protected] or fill out our contact form to book your free quote and consultation with a member of our team. 

    Let Envision Orlando be your one-stop-shop for customizable signs. 

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