Coronavirus Signage: All Your Options

Coronavirus Signage: All Your Options

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    As we all adapt to life (and business) in the COVID-19 world, proper Coronavirus signage can be a business-critical tool to help you communicate with your customers and to also keep your employees and customers safe.

    Coronavirus signage comes in many different forms, but the experts at Envision Orlando are here to help you navigate the murky waters and find the best option for your business. Contact us now at (407) 951-5532 or [email protected] to get a free quote and consultation.

    Here are just some of the many options available to you:

    Social distancing sign

    Floor graphics can help communicate the importance of keeping 6 feet away from others when social distancing.

    Temporary banners can help communicate changes in service or hours of operation at your business. These are especially popular with restaurants that are now operating primarily as a delivery or takeout business. These can also be used to display your web site, phone number, or any way your customers can get in contact with you. Earlier this week, Envision Orlando announced a $99 special on these banners.

    Acrylic barriers can help keep your customers and your employees healthy. More and more businesses — grocery stores, in particular — are installing acrylic barriers between their cashiers and customers. This trend is only going to increase. The very best of these also include safety signage or other critical communication adhered to the acrylic.

    Workplace safety signage can reinforce best practices as we fight through the Coronavirus pandemic. This can come in the form of everything from signs in the restroom that emphasize hand washing to the symptoms of COVID-19.

    These are all visual solutions that the creative sign specialists at Envision Orlando can design, manufacture and install at your location.

    We don’t do “stock” or “off the shelf” options at Envision Orlando — everything we do is custom to your business.

    These signs are the best way we know how to stand arm in arm with our community partners in this fight. For that reason, we’re working throughout the pandemic to deliver this business-critical signage to our clients.

    We’re not doing any of this as a moneymaker — we’re doing this to help all of us get through this.

    Contact us at (407) 951-5532 or [email protected] to get the process started.