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    Retail signs: Types, uses and where to buy

    Retail signage — whether of the physical or digital variety — are critical to daily operations in any Orlando, Winter Park or Florida retail business.

    These signs include sales and promotional signage, point of sale signs, general facility signs (identifying fire exits, restrooms, ADA signs, parking signs and more). Retail signs can be either indoor, outdoor or, most common, a combination of both.

    Additional retail sign types

    • Decals
    • Static clings
    • Vinyl banners
    • Point-of-purchase signs
    • Foam board
    • A-frames
    • Retail sale signs

    Despite this very broad definition, most retail signs (other than facility signs) have the same goal: driving sales.

    Retail sign benefits

    Retail signs offers a number of undeniable benefits for Orlando, Winter Park and Florida businesses, including:

    • Driving sales (especially impulse buys!)
    • Showcasing new promotions
    • Building awareness about new products and services
    • Enhancing brand authority
    • Creating immersive, branded environments

    Retail signs be built using in a variety of materials and can be designed in any size, shape or color to fit your space, budget, brand and needs.

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