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May 29, 2023

The Best Places to Put Your Business Signs

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Even the most stunning, most perfectly designed signs are ineffective if no one sees them. Given that signs have the potential to drive customers to your business, you need to install them strategically.

In this article, find out what the seven best places are to install business signs and maximize their effectiveness.

1. Above the Storefront

Installing storefront signs above entrances is one of their most popular uses. They act as the face of your business and show potential customers where you are located. Storefront signs enhance brand awareness, too, which is why you should spend time getting the design just right.

2. On the Roof

Outdoor business signs installed on the roof advertise your business far and wide. Large and lighted, they are some of the most eye-catching signs you will find on any main street. Make sure you work with an experienced signage company because signage placement can impact safety, too.

3. High on the Building

Building signs installed on the upper floors of buildings serve a similar function to roof signs. These outdoor business signs can be seen from miles around and convey a sense of permanence. Styles such as channel letters, hanging signs, and digital displays are particularly attention-grabbing options.

4. On Storefront Windows

Storefront window graphics are some of the most overlooked business signs, but also some of the most powerful. Completely customizable, they are great for highlighting ongoing promotions, new products, and more. These vinyl signs are comparatively affordable, as well, meaning you can replace them regularly without breaking the bank.

5. Out on the Street

Monument signs aren’t suitable for every business, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective! Signs placed at the front entrance to your building or driveway offer the most impact. These architectural signs can be made from a wide range of other materials, such as metal, wood, and stone, meaning you have a lot of freedom in design.

6. In the Reception

Reception and lobby signs are essential visual touch points for a business. The signs can instil confidence, strengthen customer journeys, and can help you drive sales, too! Here’s a tip: make the sign part of your decor to create a cohesive space.

7. Around the Building’s Interiors

If visitors will be moving around your building, it’s vital to have signs placed strategically around the structure. Other than the reception, you should consider installing them in conference rooms, amphitheatres, and other spaces. They will help you brand and decorate your space, as well.

Still, Wondering Where You Can Put Business Signs?

If so, you’re not alone! “Where can I put business signs?” is one of the most common questions we hear from customers. Fortunately, our team at Envision Orlando is eager to help. Tell us what you are looking to achieve, and your budget, and we will help you find the most impactful places to install signs.

Send us a message today or talk to us about your signs.

Welcome to Envision Orlando! We are a full-service sign and graphics company in Orlando, FL. We design, print, and fabricate custom signage for businesses. We are your growth partners, and our sign makers are dedicated to helping your business grow.

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