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October 25, 2023

Some Common Materials Used for Monument Signs

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Adding quality outdoor signs can increase sales by up to 10% and help your business make an impact in the community. Monument signs are large and architectural signs that act as showstoppers for your business. To create the “wow” effect you want, the design must be just right, which starts with choosing the right materials for your signs.

In this blog, we will cover:

  • Common materials used in sign manufacturing and installation.
  • The unique attributes of each material
  • The types of business materials are best suited for

Not sure what a monument is or how it can benefit your business? Begin by reading our introductory blog.

Common Materials Used to Construct Monument Signs

Stone Signs: The Classic Monument Signage

Stone is one of the most common materials used for monument signs. It's a natural, durable material that conveys a sense of permanence.

Unique Attributes

Stone signs are weather-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use. They can withstand prolonged sunshine, rain, and snow without losing their luster.

Who Can Use It?

Stone is the ideal material for businesses that want to convey a premium and timeless image. High-end resorts, golf courses, and corporate headquarters, for instance, are ideal locations for these signs.

Concrete Signs: Incredible Customization

Concrete is truly the building block of modern life and a versatile material in sign manufacturing and installation. It's made from a mixture of cement and aggregates, which offers a wide range of creative, durable design options.

Unique Attributes

Concrete signs are highly regarded for their durability and customizability. You can create virtually any shape, and signs can be large or small and still be impactful. Itis also a more cost-effective material in comparison to stone.

Who Can Use It?

Concrete monuments are perfect for businesses looking for a modern, industrial feel. You will find them commonly outside new commercial complexes, tech parks, and educational institutions.

Aluminum Signs: Durable, Premium Signs

Aluminum is a wonder for monument signage. Cost-effective and incredibly versatile, aluminum offers a premium look at an affordable price.

Unique Attributes

Not only is aluminum corrosion-resistant but it can be painted and molded to almost any shape. It's a relatively light material compared to stone and concrete, meaning you can install it on unprepared surfaces, such as a front lawn.

Who Can Use It?

If you are looking for a sleek, contemporary look, aluminum monuments are for you. They are popular among tech companies, car dealerships, and healthcare facilities.

High-Density Urethane: Cost-Effective, Customizable

High-density urethane (or HDU) is a synthetic material that has unlocked a whole new wave of affordable, customizable signs. The material allows extensive design options and finishes, meaning there are nearly limitless options for your signage.

Unique Attributes

HDU offers great value by being lightweight, waterproof, and capable of mimicking the look of materials such as stone, wood, and brushed aluminum.

Who Can Use It?

This is an excellent option for businesses that want the look of natural materials without the corresponding expense of production or of preparing the mounting surface. That's why HDU signs are popular at beach resorts, theme parks, and shopping complexes.

Make a Mark on Your Community

If you envision it, we'll bring it to life. With comprehensive manufacturing facilities and an experienced team, we have the resources to create your dream monument signs. Let’s get started today.

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