August 25, 2023

Wayfinding Signs Effectively Navigate People Through a Space

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Easy-to-navigate spaces bring a sense of calm, whereas hard-to-navigate spaces increase frustration. It's that simple. Wayfinding signs are one of the most essential signs you can install. Not only do they affect customer experience, but they can also put you on the hook for an expensive fine!

Keep reading to find out how wayfinding signs can help people move freely through your premises.

1. Convey a Professional Look

Interior wayfinding signage is an essential part of your decor. Signs, such as door signs, directory signs, and more, can stick out like a sore thumb if you don't plan them out correctly. Design them with your branding and your space in mind to provide visitors with a more cohesive experience.

2. Tell People Where They Should Go

Custom wayfinding signs are vital for showing people where they should go. These can be ones such as directory signs, arrows, floor signs, and more. Directional signs allow people to navigate your space effectively without constantly bothering the receptionist.

3. Make Finding Essential Facilities Simple

Let's be honest—nobody likes asking for directions to the washrooms. Interior wayfinding signage pointing to essential facilities can alleviate the stress and embarrassment people feel. Form doesn't have to just follow function—you can personalize everything from bathroom signs to cafeteria signs to provide memorable experiences.

4. Maximize Upsells With Custom Wayfinding Signs

Directional signs aren't just for showing people around the premises. They are vital touchpoints that you can use to create a sense of urgency, showcase promotions, and maximize sales. Indoor digital signage, for instance, has been shown to increase sales by over 29%!

5. Use Wayfinder Signs to Engage With Visitors

Directional signs are a great way to engage with visitors. New digital signs, such as digital maps, are a great way to interact with visitors. Not sure how you can use your signs? An experienced wayfinding signage company can help you maximize the utility of your signs.

6. Go the Extra Mile to Show Visitors the Way

An arrow here, a door sign there—that's the old way of looking at wayfinding signs. Today, you can combine floor graphics with advertising banners to create a real journey for visitors. Ones such as color-coded floor lines aren't just useful, they're excellent for differentiating your business.

7. Stay Compliant With Fire and Safety Code Wayfinding Signs

Florida's fire and building safety codes have strict requirements for what needs to be displayed and where. Not installing the right signs can lead to a suspension order, cause reputational harm, and expose you to an expensive fine. Work with one of the top wayfinding signage companies to install these life-saving signs in your space.

8. Ensure ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires ADA-compliant signage to be installed at various places around the building. By not installing these, you don't just exclude a large portion of your customer base, you risk a hefty fine!

Work With One of the Leading Wayfinding Signage Companies

Maximize visitor comfort, unlock sales opportunities, and enhance experiences with a go-to wayfinding signage company. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with an experienced signage professional today. We'll tell you what signs you should consider and how they'll benefit your business.

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